Immersed membrane ultrafiltration

Depending upon the specificity of your industrial water and effluents, we can also offer immersed membrane ultrafiltration.

Like dynamic, tangential filtration, this is an effective solution for achieving high filtration flow-rates.

traitement effluents industriels - filtration membranaire immergée

How does it work?

It rests on the principle of stacking a large number of membranes in the same casing. A vacuum pump draws the effluent to be treated from the outside of the membrane inwards. A series of membranes in the same compact space is used for a direct, chemically inert treatment, reducing energy consumption.

Ceramic membranes are physically very hard (hence lasting and easy to clean) and have ultra-high porosity (up to 40% porosity), thus leading to high flow-rates and efficient back-washing.

They can be used in extreme environments, they have high resistance to a wide pH range, to oxidizing agents and even to ozone.

frontal filtration - immersed membrane

Are you interested in our technology?

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