unYo ®

A ready-to-use modular, robust surface water treatment solution

The ideal technology for isolated communities

Our unYo® system for producing drinking water, is designed for rural and peri-urban communities of 500 to 20,000 inhabitants. It is mounted on easy-to-transport modular panels and it connects directly to a source of fresh water (well, river, lake, etc.)

It can be installed within the framework of community-based management or local public plans for improving access to drinking water. It easily integrates into national programmes of integrated management of the water resource and encourages managers to be self-sufficient.

unYo® is designed to make a strong social and economic impact leading to local development and the circular economy. Compact, easy to deploy in any emergency context due to its plug-and-play operation.

unYo® makes any type of fresh water potable

This filtration system combines different filters for filtering any source of fresh water down to 10 nanometres, thus blocking 99.9999% of viruses and 99.999999% of bacteria.

Our technology blocks pesticide residues, suspended solids and turbidity, while preserving the natural minerals present in water. It can also adapt to other types of pollutants by using specific filtering materials.

The quality of the output water has been certified by IFTS.



Pesticides / Herbicides

Heavy metals

A cost-effective, efficient, clean innovation

We developed unYo® aiming at as little impact as possible on the environment
and at full self-sufficiency for its user for at least 10 years.

eco friendly system - unYo - No consumable No chemical No maintenance Modular for any kind of dissolved pollutant

It is a low-energy consumption system– it needs only 2,000 watts to operate (like a vacuum cleaner!), and is sustainable – its 10-year warranty filters are made of recycled or recyclable materials.

impact unYo aYa

unYo® was selected by the Solar Impulse foundation in their 1,000-sustainable solutions portfolio aimed at saving the planet.

unYo- 10 years warranty - filtration fresh water - drinking water- preservation ressource water- innovation

Download the unYo® technical sheet

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