Tailored solutions

suiting your needs

The semi-standardised unYo® and aYa systems we have developed, meet most of the needs relating to the current problems of access to drinking water, worldwide. However, we are fully aware that, depending upon various field-related specificities, other needs can drop up.

After a feasibility study, our engineering department makes everything possible to meet your specific demands. We work on tailored solutions for needs specific to:


  • Access to drinking water on ships/boats
  • Access to drinking water in areas without electrification
  • Access to drinking water in protected zones
  • Treatment of specific pollutants (such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Water sterilisation for health care services (abating specific viruses and bacteria)
  • And many others… There are not many challenges we are not taking up!

Do you have a project which needs a tailored solution?

Contact our Manager for Access to Drinking Water directly to share it with them:

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