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As an Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale [solidarity-based company of social utility], we work with International Organisations, Public Authorities, NGOs and non-profit Associations for taking action in emergency situations or for helping development.

Experts in water, we have all the skills needed to assist you in one, several or all steps relating to the field-deployment of our equipment.

We are currently offering three supplementary assistance services: a feasibility study with our engineering department, co-building your projects on access to drinking water with our specialised project assistants, and the installation of the equipment and training with our technicians.


With our engineering department

accompagnement - etude de faisabilite

Our feasibility study is a full field analysis on all of the following elements:

  • Technical investigation: physical and chemical analysis of the water sources and assessment of the water intakes;
  • Environmental investigation: analysis of the human activity (farming/industrial) which could have an impact on water sources;
  • Sociological investigation: field investigation on water-related cultural, social, ethnic and religious aspects;
  • Sanitary investigation: assessment of water-related diseases;
  • Analysis of the economic, political and legal implications.


The purpose of this service is to provide a diagnosis of the places investigated and to optimise the technical response. At the end of the investigation, we shall deliver a detailed report.


With our project assistants

accompagnement - modules

Experts in water, we have the skills needed to help you manage your projects for access to drinking water. Currently, we can offer four modules depending upon your level of knowledge:


 The pedagogical modules:

  • Introduction to drinking water
  • Introduction to the management of drinking water


The methodology modules:

  • Project engineering (follow-up on the assessment, help with the funding strategy/budget, setting up the logic framework, drafting)
  • Collaborative work (tools for managing team work)

With our technicians

accompagnement - sensibilisation

The purpose of all our equipment is to make the user self-sufficient.
Training thus guarantees their proper use.


Aiming to optimise their deployment and operation, we can also:

• Train reference technicians for installing and managing the equipment on-site;

• Raise a WASH (Water and Hygiene) awareness in communities about the role of hygiene in preventing infectious diseases;

• Measure the impact of installations (less diseases, level of school attendance, etc.)

Do you have any question on this subject?

Contact our Manager for Access to Drinking Water directly to discuss your project with them:

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