An efficient solution for producing safe water

The ideal technology for communities

aYa, our water purification module, is designed to make a water network safe.
It makes safe any type of fresh water with a low load of particles.

Its compact design makes it ideal for making water safe for communities in developing countries, and a system suitable for some situations in developed countries (such as making source water safe for chalets). It also perfectly matches the needs of sterile water in health care centres and hospitals.

Moreover, it is versatile: there is a wall-mounted version, a pedestal version and a container-enclosed version.

Like unYo®, it can be installed as part of community-based management or local public plans for improving access to drinking water. It easily integrates into national programmes of integrated management of the water resource and encourages managers to be self-sufficient.

aYa makes safe any type of not turbid fresh water

This ultrafiltration system filters down to 10 nanometres any type of clear water, with a low load of particles, by blocking 99.9999% of the viruses and 99.999999% of the bacteria. aYa also blocks pesticide residues, endocrine disruptors and suspended solids, while preserving the natural minerals present in water.



Pesticides / Herbicides

Heavy metals

A cost-effective, sustainable, clean innovation

aYa works without any consumables nor chemicals, thanks to very low maintenance. Its automatic backwashing provides at least a 10-year lifetime for the filters. The filters consist of recycled or recyclable materials giving the equipment a long service life.

aYa has a low-energy consumption – it needs only 36 Watts (like a bulb) to work. It is an economic, eco-friendly solution which makes your network water safe.

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Download the aYa technical sheet

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